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Getting Things Ready

Clearing the AirThe short stretch from the cold garage was a careful series of meandering right and left turns through overgrown decaying foliage and the path was barely visible until it straightened out back to the house.Sauntering along it struck me how the garden was so drab and overlooked and how the small pond was now dry and lifeless. I didn’t know it then, but this was an ominous sign of things to come.

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She busied herself with the usual morning routine while the autum rain and gusty wind began to batter the kitchen window.A familiar quick knock and the whoosh of mail hitting the floor caught our attention as the bright orange glow of the postie’s jacket faded through the smoky-glass pane as he continued his walk. Mum had always hated official looking mail…but I picked it up anyway and handed it to Dennis.
Something was bothering her, I knew because she always immersed herself in some pointless radio debate before letting-off-steam on a subject …