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No Room Here !

‘Yes Mum thanks, I can do that…it will be good preparation. We will be gone in a fortnight OK’, I say to her.

‘You mean you are going to cycle all the way to Scotland with Alice in a trailer at this time of year!’ Asked Mum with a bewildered look. ‘I don’t have a fixed place to go yet, but will work it out as I go along…sort of mobile job seeking - don’t worry too much, we’ll be OK’, I say half-convincingly. She sips her tea, then banging her cup down shrieks: ‘Don’t worry Hilary?’ glaring angrily at me. ‘So, what are you going to do for money until you find that job?’ she uttered alarmingly, ‘because we can’t help you that’s for sure!’ storming away into the living room where Dennis and grandad are sitting. Hassle - AgainFollowing Mum I slowly approach and stop short at the entrance to the lounge where Grandad is habitually prodding the fresh aromatic strands of tobacco into his pipe, but more careless than usual. Dropping half of the precious leaves over his handy table, he tuts, the…