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'Onnane - Who Am I And Why Am I Doing This Crazy Trip?

Alice and I before heading out onto the bike and into the cold  ( Dounreay, Dec 2009) How I Ended-Up Doing This Crazy TripThis true story begins ten years ago on the East Yorkshire coast of England.

This blog is written retrospectively as if the event were occuring in the present.

It is an account of a risky Winter cycle trip towing a cat in a trailer on a very tight budget.All I know is that we’re heading North. It’s a story of fate, family squabbles, adventure, survival, solitude and resilience in the face of extraordinary challenges. How far will we get and will we be OK! Truth is Stranger than FictionHello, my name is Hilary and my cat’s called Alice. I live with my brother Leo in Bridlington, England and my mum is re-married and lives two miles away with her husband Dennis and my ninety-four year old grandad.I'm in my early forties, Leo is two years younger and Alice is thirteen and we’ve lived in the same house since the end of 2003.Leo works as a paint sprayer and I’ve been dr…